Mercury tests

First mercury tests with the 4m International Liquid Mirror Telescope at AMOS: some videos
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14-16 January 2011
Participants : Paul Hickson (UBC), Jean Surdej, François Finet, Brajesh Kumar (ULg) and Stefan Denis (AMOS)

Cleaning of the recipient covered with polyurhetane using some isopropanol


Opening the tank containing the bottles of mercury

Checking the proper adjustment of the masks against mercury vapors

Mercury is being transferred from the bottles into the 4m mirror recipient

First attempts to close the mercury surface by rotating the recipient

The mercury surface has been closed and the automatic rotating air bearing is taking over

Taking some rest after having successfully stabilized the mercury mirror

Reflection of external objects over the mercury surface


Performing mercury surface tests with a laser beam


Stoping the rotation of the mirror, the mercury surface is breaking up

Closing the mercury surface

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